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Thursday, May 14


Monday, June 16


Sunday, May 18

Wedding Fun

Brooke's friend and Lincoln's Godmother Aunt Jen got married on Saturday night. The Sheridan family went to Columbus Ohio to celebrate with the newlyweds.

Tuesday, May 13

Photos from last week

Walking downtown

Coney Island

Mother's Day

Friday, May 2

A show with buddies

Had to take 2 photos cause I didn't see the little ones all bunched up in the middle. We were watching Peppa Pig. 

Monday, April 28

Boys Night Out

Lincoln & I had a boys night together. We went to the mall to ride some rides and have dinner at the food court. He loved the big truck & Bob the Builder ride. 

Sunday, April 20


Great Easter celebration!

Saturday, April 19

Frozen Hair

Rowan & Brooke went & got their hair did. Rowan got hers Elsa style of course! We'll all have Easter hairdos. 

Friday, April 18

Ice Cream!

Wednesday, April 16


Lincoln got the mop top chop. He hadn't been in a while. Brooke did the last one. 



Monday, April 14

Big Boy Bed

No more cribs in this Sheridan house! Lincoln got his Big Boy Bed set up this weekend. Rowan helped with taking down the crib and putting up the new bed.

Sunday, April 13

Great day at IU

Lincoln and I spent this beautiful day at IU going to the football team's spring game festivities and a baseball game at the new ballpark. IU won the baseball game 11-3 and we loved our outfield seats.

Monday, April 7


Tuesday, February 26


Some photos of the ice we got today from this winter storm.

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